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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The X Factor UK 2013 Starts on ITV Saturday 31st August.

Whenever a new series of the X Factor is about to be broadcast, some of the top search engines get a little scrambled and offer pages from our websites, blog and social media, our Jean Factor UK sites tend to receive a significant increase in visiting traffic; now, if you happened to be online looking to buy a new pair of Jeans, and, at the same time dipping into the latest X Factor news all would be good, however, that's not likely to be the case, so we thought we would try to be helpful and at the very least offer a little of the information you may be seeking, such as the channel and start date plus a small personal offering. (after all, we all love the program).

Series ten has a new mix on the judging panel, alas still no return of Simon, such a shame! We so miss his sweet, supportive comments to the contestants, however, fashion never was one of his specialist subjects (we don't stock high waisted men's trousers) so we wont miss him for that, but we do stock a range of Women's High Waisted Jeans and Trousers so maybe Sharon could pick up the mantel on Simons behalf....just a thought.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Little Bleu Bolt Jeans History

Bleu Bolt London

To the uninitiated, Bleu Bolt Jeans of London have a somewhat confusing list of brand names and genre associated to them, the terms: Goth, Urban, Street, Utility and Alternative can sound intimidating if you are unaware of the meaning, but don't be put off, you don't need to be associated with any "tribe" to wear and enjoy the Bleu Bolt range.

The Names:
Although a British company through and through with the French spelling of the word blue (bleu) one would be forgiven for presuming the brand had a French background or history, nothing could be further from the truth, in fact, when the company was formed back in 1989 the fashion industry and the denim industry in particular was at that time experiencing significant influence from our cousins across the channel, French designer brands such as Cevignon and Chippie were stocked by the "trendy" jean boutiques, so at the time of incorporation a little French flare was chosen to add panache to the brand name.

Interested? Read the rest of the article at Jean Factor UK Ltd: Bleu Bolt Jeans Article or check out the Bleu Bolt Jeans range

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Stretch Velvet Jeans from the Amazing Woman Jean Company.

Spectacular News!
We have just received a range of superior luxurious, stretch velvet, high waist jeans from the Amazing Woman Jean Company.

AMAZING WOMAN have allowed us to add their range of luxuriate stretch VELVET jeans, just what you need for this time of year as the Party Season gets into full swing.
It doesn’t stop there; visitors to our website will also be able to purchase them at a massively discounted price.
When you view the range, you will see they come in five stunning colours, (including this season’s hot Aubergine) you can then mix and match any tops and accessories, and that’s your party season sorted.

View the Amazing Woman Range

Also available in Stretch Denim, Stretch Sateen, Stretch Twills, with Bling or Plain, Bootcut, Straight Leg, or Capri - Up To 60% Off Retail!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Amazing Woman Jeans - Jeans for Real Women

Amazing Woman jeans and casual trousers have been designed specifically to compliment mature, shapely women and provide designer-quality fashion that provides the ultimate style and comfort combination at a realistic price.

A high waist, clever tailoring and hi-tech fabrics provide a slimming effect to the tummy, bottom and upper thigh, thus creating a highly flattering profile. To aid your quest for the perfect fit many of the Amazing Woman jean styles are produced in full and half sizes (8,9,10,11 etc), ranging from size 8 to 20.
See the Amazing Woman Jean range on our web site:
Amazing Woman Jeans
Check out our Amazing offers of at least 50% Off Mrrp on the Amazing Woman Jeans Range.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Miss APT - Girls Fashion Jean Brand

Miss APT are introducing more hi-tech fabrics and finishes to their hugely successful Girls Fashion Jean range for A/W 2009-10, although costing slightly more we hope to maintain the prices below the £25 mark.
The fit, style and fabrics used by Miss APT make you look sensational whilst still being comfortable to wear. See Miss APT jeans on our web site:
Ladies Extra Low Waist Jeans
But don't forget, we usually have far more in our shop than on the web site (we sell out before we've had time to take the photographs)

Friday, 2 October 2009

New Mens Jean Brand: ETO

The new jean brand ETO (ehtoe) is taking Europe by storm, this new brand has packed so much detail, stitching, fabrics and colours into its Autumn - Winter 2009/10 range it's leaving other brands in the dust!
Most have an 18 inch hem and most importantly the fit is spot on.
Each design has limited production so don't dither, if you see an ETO jean you love, buy it! you might not get another chance.
You can find men's and boy's ETO jeans on our web site, only a click away!
Men's Jeans         Boys & Teens Jeans
ETO is a denim and accessories brand that encapsulates cutting edge style and quality. Unique design and the finest standards define every style, look out for the ETO label, this brand is going to be huge!